The best and worst low carb foods


A low carb diet is believed to help reduce the risk of heart diseases for you. It can also help you reduce your weight. Other than that, it has a variety of other benefits.

We have listed a number of best and worst low carb food items for you to make a note of. Yes, don’t worry. We’ve got your back!

Best low carb foods

  • Meat: Any kind, including beef,, lamb, game, poultry, and so on. Feel free to eat the meat’s fat as well as the chicken’s skin. If you can afford it, organic or grass-fed meats may be worth considering, albeit whether they provide any major health benefits is debatable and scientific studies are still preliminary.
  • All types of fish and seafood: Fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines, and herring are delicious and may even offer health benefits due to their high omega-3 fatty acid content. 
  • Eggs: All kinds: Boiled, fried, scrambled, omelets and other variations are available. If you have the option, pick pasture-raised eggs.
  • Natural fats and high-fat sauces: Cooking using butter and cream can improve the flavor of your low-carb meals. Béarnaise or Hollandaise sauces are good choices. Check the ingredients for carbohydrates and vegetable oils if you bought it ready-made. Make it yourself, if possible. Olive oil or coconut fat are also acceptable choices. 
  • Vegetables and fruits: Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, kale, collards, bok choy, spinach, asparagus, zucchini, eggplant, olives, mushrooms, cucumber, avocado, onions, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce and other leafy greens have the fewest net carbohydrates and can be eaten at any carb restriction level.
  • Dairy products: Full-fat alternatives such as real butter, milk (40 percent fat), sour cream, Greek/Turkish yogurt and high-fat cheeses might help you lose weight while enjoying tasty food. Milk, in general, should be avoided because it contains a lot of milk sugar. Sugary and flavored items should be avoided.
  • Nuts: These are a great alternative to popcorn, candy or chips for a treat. But remember to eat them in moderation. 

Worst low carb foods

  1. Sugar: Sugar is the very worst option. Avoid any soft drinks, sweets, juice, sports drinks, chocolate, cakes, buns, pastries, ice cream, and breakfast cereals. Although scientific definitions are debatable, many people believe sugar has addictive characteristics.
  2. Beans and lentils: Beans and lentils are similarly heavy in carbohydrates, making them poor low-carb choices.
  3. Beer: Beer is just bread in liquid form, made from fermented grain and hops. We advise you to stay away from it entirely. Lower-carb beers are available, but they still contain more carbs than dry wine or pure liquor.
  4. Fruits: While small to moderate amounts of berries such as blueberries, raspberries and strawberries work, other fruits should be avoided. They’re high in carbs and sugar, which can spike blood sugar levels, delay weight reduction, and exacerbate metabolic problems. Consider it nature’s candy: it’s fine for a special occasion, but not something you’d want to eat every day on a very low-carb diet.
  5. Starch: Even if labeled as “gluten free,” starch can be found in flour, wheat products, or other refined cereal grains. Bread, buns, pasta, crackers, cereal, and muesli are examples. Whole grains are also included because they are less detrimental on a low-carb diet.

To conclude

Your diet is your choice and we know you choose it right. Keep your diet healthy and keep yourself super fit!

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